About ELCC

Bruce and Janet Davis opened Early Learning Children’s Center with loving hearts in 2009. Passionate about young people, Janet has been in the child care industry for 37+ years. With a BA in Education and emphasis on early childhood, Janet is onsite daily. ELCC is proud to be an IdahoSTARS quality childcare facility. To learn more about current openings for both classes and careers, please call Janet at 208.853.2800. She looks forward to hearing from you.

Parent Handbook

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality childhood experiences to all children of Early Learning Children’s Center. Provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children to learn and grow at their own pace. Collaborate with families to strengthen relationships between owner/director, teachers, and families.


Our program’s philosophy is based on the belief that children learn through active exploration and social interaction within a safe and nurturing environment. Each day is made up a balance of active, quiet, individual and group activities along with meals and nap/rest. Families are an integral part of our program. We partner with families to help lay a foundation that fosters a child’s “love of learning” and to strengthen their ability to
acquire necessary skills as life -long learners.

Core Values

  • Partnerships
  • Relationships
  • Experiences
  • Diversity
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Integrity


Our curriculum is emergent, child-centered and play based. Planning the curriculum in each classroom will be based on:

*Knowledge of child development

*Understanding of developmentally appropriate practices and following the guidelines of developmentally appropriate practices

*Sensitivity to children’s personal experiences and interests

*Knowing that children learn through first-hand observation, play and direct experiences. Both adults and children initiate and make decisions. Curriculum is negotiated between what interests them and what adults know is necessary for children’s education and development. Our center also uses Creative and Emergent Curriculum and The Idaho Early Learning Guidelines. They are also platforms which learning takes place and include attributes for children to be successful in our program and in life.

Tara Kristensen

Both of my children have attended ELCC since they were toddlers. My oldest, Olive has grown into a thriving young lady thanks to the early TLC she got from Miss Janet and the teachers at ELCC. I am forever grateful for her hard work and love she gives to each and every kid.

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